ECHO was founded in 2002 with the firm belief that every country deserves improved economic success. With that in mind, ECHO has expanded in the past 19 years to become a charitable organization serving the underprivileged. Our goal is to bring aid and assistance to the straitened countries of the world.

Through different programs including education, income-generating skills training, healthcare services, improved sanitation, and support for small-scale entrepreneurial activities, ECHO has dedicated itself toward serving the under-privileged.

Board of Directors


Aliya Shafquat


Monowar Khan

General Secretary

Dr. Maruf Mohammad


Muhammad Zaman


Khalid Azim


Shaheen Sayeed


Md. Nazmul Islam


Ash Islam

Board of Advisors


Mrs. Sitara Khan


Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim


Dr. Mahbub Khan


Dr. Raquib Khan


Dr. Saif Mamoon


Dr. Zia Karim


Shak Hossain


Rubaiyat Raihan

Project Managers


Tausif Ahmed


Raisa Sultana


Talat Rumman


Fahima Amin


Farhana Ahmed


Muhammad Masuduzzaman

Our Partners

Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid-UK Bangladesh Field Office (MABFO) is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau (NGOAB) of the Prime Minister’s Office of the Government of Bangladesh under the Foreign Registration Ordinance NO. 46, 1978. NGOAB Registration Number: FD 522; registered on 10/11/1991. To read more, please read more Muslim Aid BD

GiveLight Foundation

GiveLight’s mission is to build and sustain beautiful homes and provide our children with long term, high quality education. They strive to recreate a loving family, a sense of belonging and strong identity/self esteem. They do this by making sure their staff on the ground has the highest moral standard and share our love and passion for the cause. They have family/relatives close to each home who go to visit often and unannounced. They also send volunteers from the US to stay at our homes and teach them different skills. Please read more about GiveLight Foundation.

Rangpur Health and Blind Care Foundation

Rangpur Health and Blind Care Foundation (RHBCF) is a Non-Government, Non-profitable, Charitable Voluntary organization facilitate the rural poor people especially for eye care. Rangpur Health and Blind Care Foundation (RHBCF) established in 2005 with the objectives of welfare oriented charitable works for eye care & development. Rangpur Health and Blind Care Foundation (RHBCF aims is eye health care services to the community people, research on childhood blindness, prevention of blindness, mother and child health, prevention of Aids and to find out the HIV affected people. RHBCF also provides training on health awareness about sanitation, hygiene water etc. RHBCF performs its activities to the best of its efforts to the interest of the community

ISK Foundation

Imdad-Sitara Khan Foundation – a non-profit organization registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860 – has stabilized 9 Kidney dialysis Centers to facilitate End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) treatment to the financially challenged patients of Bangladesh.
In Bangladesh thousands of kidney patients die every year due to inadequate dialysis facility. Sadly enough, thousands of poor kidney patients cannot even afford such treatment due to its exorbitant cost. Moreover, hinterland patients cannot even reach these scarce kidney centers, which are only available in major cities.
According to Bangladesh Kidney Foundation’s statistics, every year about forty thousand people suffer from renal failure. Due to various problems of kidney transplant, now a days, haemodialysis is the only option for survival of End State Renal Failure (ESRF) patients. In Bangladesh, unfortunately, the dialysis facility is limited to a few major cities and is highly expensive and inadequate. An ESRF patient needs 3 haemodialysis per week for normal function. But due to its exorbitant cost and non-availability in hinterland towns, thousands of patients cannot even afford dialysis. Due to its high cost many patients are compelled to compromise on the number of dialysis and many families are economically crippled and turning destitute to meet the high cost of treatment.
In view of the above sufferings of poor patients and driven by the feeling “to pay back to motherland”, Old Rajshahi Cadets Association USA – Chapter (ORCA -USA), organizations of expatriate Bangladeshis in the USA, planned to set up kidney centers in Bangladesh and approached ‘Khan Family Foundation’, Saratoga, CA, USA for additional help. It may be mentioned that ORCA-USA in coordination with ORCA in Bangladesh has been implementing numerous charity projects in Bangladesh.
The Khan Family Foundation established in the USA in 2003 by expatriate Bangladeshi Dr. Imdad H. Khan and his wife Mrs Sitara A. Khan have donated funds to many philanthropic organizations worldwide. In Bangladesh it has funded scholarships to meritorious but needy students for studying engineering, medicine and science.
Under the patronage of Khan Family Foundation, a trust named “Imdad-Sitara Khan Foundation” was established in Bangladesh to carry out the philanthropic activities. Imdad Sitara Khan Foundation (ISKF) is funding to establish kidney centers in district towns throughout Bangladesh. Inspired by this noble cause, the Independent Dialysis Foundation Inc, Maryland, USA has donated 39 dialysis machines to ORCA- USA to the Imdad Sitara Khan Kidney Centers in Bangladesh,which run on a non-profit basis.
Starting its operation in 2006, ISKF to date has set up 9 kidney dialysis centers, one each in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Bogra, Kushtia, Dinajpur, Moulvibazar, Chittagong, Barisal and Khulna. Although at the beginning it relied only on Khan Family Foundation, USA, for its funding, from 2009 it was able to garner financial support from more individuals and organizations, International and local, to expand its network in Bangladesh.

Bangla-German Sampreeti (BGS)

Bangla-German Sampreeti (BGS) – Association for Culture and Development is involved in diverse development initiatives and interventions for more than 22 years. This is a national, non-government, non-profit, inter-religious and voluntary development organization which was initiated by a group of economists, writers, scientists, development practitioners and social philanthropists. It came into existence as “Bangla-German Sampreeti” in December 1990 and afterward registered with the Directorate of Social Services and NGO Affairs Bureau in the year 1991 and 1992 respectively. BGS starts its journey with a respond to emergency relief and recovery activities for the most affected communities of coastal areas of Cox’s Bazar district after the devastating cyclone on 29 April 1991. It was subsequently diverted its attention to other development arena and districts.

Rangdhanu Development Centre-RDC

Rangdhanu Development Centre-RDC is a national humanitarian and development organization based in Bangladesh. Established in 1995 and registered with the Social Welfare Ministry and NGO Affairs Bureau. RDC is specialized on Youth Development along with different programs such as Education, Skills Development, Livelihood, WASH, Health and Emergency Response across the country. RDC always strives to find practical and scalable approaches to reduce poverty wherever it is. The organization has been working for developing human capital to give a voice to the people who are overlooked by the society and also the mainstream development initiatives.

Financial Information and Annual Reports

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