Skills Development

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Our focus at ECHO has been to help with employable skills training for those in Bangladesh who otherwise would have very little employment prospects. Many of those are no less smart than the youth here in the United States but sadly have to drop out of school due to financial difficulties – a budding flower that faces the prospect of withering away in the prime of its youth. No dad or mom would like to contemplate this for their children. To give such people a fighting chance to build their lives, ECHO has supported skills development program in partnership with Muslim Aid Bangladesh.

Currently training is provided in mobile phone servicing, computers, electrical wiring, automobile driving and auto mechanics, refrigeration, sewing, knitting machine operation, etc. We have a 90% graduation rate from these training courses, the real metric of success ought to be number of graduates employed. In order to ensure job placement in local business, ECHO works closely with the local business leaders to understand market need and focus heavily on those skills areas. We learn from our shortcomings and successes. Going forward, ECHO will be focusing on strengthening its job placement services and also fine tune its training to meet the local demand for skilled resources.