Paypal Giving Fund

If you would like to Donate via PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) which helps us save in Payment transaction costs (2.2% of donations + 30 cents per Payment transactions) - Please note the following

  • After your donation is completed, you will receive a donation receipt directly from PayPal Since PayPal does not provide an option to write a memo/note during the donation process, we request you forward the donation receipt to [email protected] and provide the following information
    1. Specific project or campaign you have donated to
    2. Whether the donation needs to be treated as Zakat or Sadaqah
  • Please note that if the requested information is not received, the donation will be treated as Zakat and will be used to fund most critical ECHO projects Insha'Allah!
  • Please also take a moment to bookmark ECHO's PPGF page and set ECHO as your favorite charity on your PayPal account for added donation features!