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COVID-19 Entrepreneurship Project

The rural parts of Bangladesh have been hit hard by COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs, while others had to close down their business. Thousands of them don’t have the means to support their families. These people are willing to work but finding a job during a global pandemic is harder than ever, especially now.

ECHO has adapted its entrepreneurship program this year to meet the challenges of COVID-19. Since traditional skill development programs are not as effective, given the social distancing guidelines and lack of online facilities, ECHO launched an entrepreneurship program based on raising chickens. ECHO provided beneficiaries with initial seed money and hands-on training to build chicken coop in their own backyard. Food, medicine and vaccinations, as well as veterinary services, were also provided. Each coop was built to house 500 chicks. Beneficiaries also received training on finances so they could eventually run their own business based on the farm. Once the chickens are fully grown, they would receive help in sales as well as with finances for the next cycle. Each beneficiary would get assistance for several cycles until they are self-dependent to run on their own.

The goal of this project is to provide a means of livelihood to underprivileged villagers, and a second chance during these tough times. We’re proud to say that the beneficiaries are already experiencing the positive impact of this project. Some individuals who had to sell their own clothes and household items to survive, are able to generate income on their own. Others told us of their monetary woes, exacerbated by Covid-19, are taken care of now that they have the means to earn money. All of them agreed the poultry farms have completely changed their situation for the better. Please consider donating to this project so we can help more people become financially independent.